Welcome New Resident Artist Emily Margevich!

The Meet the New Resident Artists! Blog Series is a sequence of Q&As designed for you to get to know our new artists. Today, we invite you to learn about our new soprano, Emily Margevich! Ms. Margevich comes to us with a Bachelor of Music and Master of Music in Voice Performance from DePaul University School of Music. She has performed a variety of different roles, such as Juliette in Roméo et Juliette at Janiec Opera Company, and Miss Jessel in Turn of the Screw and Suor Genovieffa in Suor Angelica at DePaul Opera Theatre. For a full list of Ms. Margevich’s previous roles and competitions, visit her biography on the AVA website!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

“I have been on stage performing since I was two years old! My mom owned and operated a dance and theater school in downstate Illinois, and my grandma taught piano and voice lessons above the dance studio. I started doing professional musical theater in Chicago when I was 8-years-old, and in my early teenage years, my grandma suggested I study more classical repertoire and investigate the opera world. DePaul University was the first school my mom and I visited when I was considering opera study, and the rest, as they say, is history! My DePaul sample lesson really inspired me to learn about opera and learn about my potential in opera! Performing and singing are all I have ever wanted to do with my life, thus being at AVA is a dream come true!”

What has been your favorite role to perform?

“All the roles I have played have actually been very different kinds of people. Singing Gounod’s Juliette this summer was so much fun to sing, but if I had to choose one role that’s been my favorite so far it would be Gretel in Hansel und Gretel. I had so much fun playing a child and allowing those visceral, child emotions unabashedly tell the classic story. The freedom, honesty, and fun I had playing Gretel made it my favorite role to perform thus far.”

What is your dream role?

“This is a tough question, but if I had to choose one dream role it would be Tosca. Puccini is my favorite composer. His gift for writing such immediately emotional melodies makes me cry every time I hear or sing them. Since Tosca is a singer, I think that role would be so intense and dramatic to play.”

What made you want to get involved in opera?

“Singing and performing have always been my life. They have always been the love, light, and focus of my life. I fell in love with opera when I realized the feeling of using my voice to its fullest potential, which for me is fulfilled when singing the glorious operatic repertoire. Opera is bigger than life, louder than life, and deeply exemplifies the most real emotions that are universally embraced through music that feeds the soul.”

Tell us something interesting about yourself!

“One of my many opera dreams is to make opera more mainstream, and to turn back to a time where opera singers can be on late night shows like Beverly Sills. We must make positive changes in opera and in every corner of our world by standing up for and taking care of each other, and I think we can keep and reignite the past success and knowledge of opera by being artists who will connect with audiences and make a difference for the future of opera. I am very much looking forward to meeting our supportive AVA audiences!”

Written and interviewed by AVA Administrative Associate Stephen J. Trygar

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